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Choosing a Top Calgary Realtor

Whether you’re trying to sell your own house or looking to buy a new one, there’s no doubt that
the process can sometimes bring about certain difficulties. There are plenty of different avenues
for you to take, but some of them might not always be the best choice. If you’re looking to
buy or sell a home in Calgary, the sheer enormity of the city can sometimes be overwhelming.
For sellers, pricing your house and marketing it to adequate buyers can sometimes feel like
impossibility. For buyers, the number of Calgary neighborhoods (nearly 200) and the wide variety of
different options can produce more confusion than clarity. That’s why it’s always good to have a
real estate agent on your side as you navigate through all the real estate options for you.

Of course, every real estate agent is licensed or registered to do business in their particular
province and/or city. But, that doesn’t mean that all real estate agents are created equally. Some
individuals might use the terms “real estate agent” and “realtor” interchangeably, but there’s a
distinct difference between the two that can help you make a better decision when it comes to
finding an agent. To put it simply, all realtors are real estate agents, but not all real estate agents
are realtors.

The major difference between a realtor and a standard agent is that realtors have been accredited
through the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). They have access to more listings and a
wider variety of information than anyone else who has not been certified by the CREA. You’ll
find a large amount of real estate agents in Calgary, but it’s important to make the distinction
between real estate agents and realtors. Most certified realtors will proudly display their
credentials either in their office or on their website. These agents are likely the most competent
and professional real estate experts that you can find, and it’s important to know exactly who
you’re partnering with.

Even though you’ll find a wide selection of realtors in Calgary, not every one of them will be
able to give you exactly what you want when you’re looking to purchase a home. For instance, if
you’re looking to a buy a house in the northwest section of the city, then you probably should not
enlist the services of a realtor who specializes in Calgary neighborhoods in the southeast portion
of the city. The benefit of having a wide array of different realtor options is that you can find the
one that is localized in a specific area. You’re likely going to want the realtor who can provide
you with keen insight into everything regarding a particular neighborhood.

Obviously, if you’re looking to move into the Rocky Ridge neighborhood, you’re going to want
to find a realtor that has intrinsic knowledge of the area. This knowledge can manifest itself
in a number of ways, but it usually means that they’ll understand what that neighborhood has
to offer. For instance, they can let you know about the quality of the schools in the area or the
access to public parks. They will also provide you with a number of different insights regarding
home values in the area. You can never go wrong with a hyper-localized realtor when you’re
looking to buy a house.

The same rule applies if you’re trying to sell your house, as well. A listing agent is valuable for
a number of reasons, but you’re probably going to want to opt for one that understands your
area keenly. For instance, if you’re trying to sell your home in Panorama Hills, a realtor that can
advise you on all things associated with the area would be your best bet. One of the major pitfalls
that you might encounter when trying to sell your home is overpricing. Many homeowners fall

into this trap either because they ascribe too much sentimental value to the house or because
they want to get as much out of the property as they can. A realtor who knows all the advantages
and disadvantages of the area (as well as the condition of your house) will be able to objectively
evaluate what your house is really worth.

Beyond that, you’ll also find that local realtors will be able to market your listing with superior
skill. They will be able to target the right buyers who will show interest in your place and
potentially make an offer. It’s commonly considered that the best time to sell a house is within 7
weeks after it’s been listed. With the proper marketing techniques, this goal is certainly feasible.
Of course, if you don’t have the best realtor on your case, your listing might fall into a virtual
slush pile of other houses. The only way to get your house sold fast is by enlisting the services of
a CREA-certified listing agent.

The primary goal of any realtor is to help you get a better deal and save time in the process. This
applies to both buyers and sellers and is certainly something worth noting. Of course, choosing
the right realtor isn’t all a matter of their localized knowledge base. They also need to be aware
of any individual needs that you might have. For instance, if you’re a senior, the right realtor
will be aware of exactly what options you have in terms of accessibility. You’ll also probably
want to make sure that they are a certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Some buyers will want
a realtor who has extensive knowledge of remodeling costs and the benefits and detriments of
older houses.

Sellers may want their may want their realtors to offer similar expertise. If you’re trying to sell
an older home, you might want someone who knows about all the issues that crop up when
listing these homes. What repairs should you make, if any? What is the market for old homes
that require a little touching up here and there? If your realtor can’t answer these questions, then
you might want to find one who does. It can be the difference between being listed for months
and selling your home in weeks. These natural uncertainties about whether it’s financially
feasible to make repairs prior to listing are going to need to be alleviated in some way. After all,
realtors only want you to get the best deal, and, if a few small repairs here and there are enough
to increase the house’s value substantially, then that’s something your realtor should probably

In the end, it really comes down to how comfortable you feel with any particular realtor. If
they’ve got a wide knowledge base of the City of Calgary (or the section of the city you’re
interested in), then they will likely be a good option for you. Many other factors come into
play that might help you make your decision. For instance, the experience of the realtor can
be a major selling point for you. Sometimes, agents will receive certain accolades for their
high-quality work, and those are plaudits that you should probably take heed of. Whomever
you choose, it’s certain that you’ve chosen the right city in which to live. Calgary offers a
wide variety of interesting options that can make it perfect for you and your family to become

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