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Preparing to Sell your Home in Calgary with a Realtor

Selling your home can be viewed as a number of different things. Many people in your family might view it as a bittersweet ending to an otherwise exceptional chapter in their lives. Others might see it as a chance for a new beginning elsewhere. Whatever you think of selling your house, there’s always going to be one single fact: it’s not going to be easy. Depending on the market, your neighborhood, and whole bevy of other factors, your house could end up in limbo for quite some time. No one wants to see their house listed for any extended period of time, but the simple fact is that sometimes it is unavoidable. In general, Calgary has relatively fast turnaround rates, but, without the right help, you might never see the light of day. With a certified Realtor on your side, you can shorten the time that your house is listed substantially.

Of course, when you’re getting ready to sell there are a wide range of factors that come into
play. Unless you want to attempt to go at it alone, you’re likely going to want to look for a
listing agent. Any real estate agent that is active in selling homes must be registered or licensed.
Certainly, you don’t want to be duped into having your home listed by an amateur, but if you
know that they are licensed, then you should be okay. Of course, there is a difference even
between licensed real estate agents and certified Realtors. Realtors are the only ones that are
accredited with the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), and they offer their expertise and
high-quality service. Making sure that your listing agent is a certified Calgary Realtor is tantamount to
getting your house sold in an efficient, competent, and timely manner.

One of the major instances in the process of selling your house is setting the price. This
can determine a lot about how quickly your house gets sold. Perhaps the major issue that
presents itself during this time is overpricing. Very few people are particularly fond of leaving
their homes because there is a certain sentimental attachment they might have to all of its
eccentricities. This can cause sellers to overestimate their asking price, causing both buyers and
real estate agents to avoid looking at your house. It’s important to assess the value of your house
objectively, even though it might be difficult to do so. Of course, a Realtor can help you make the
right determination in that regard because they have extensive knowledge of the standard prices
based on neighborhood, condition of the house, and many other factors.

Even with their extensive knowledge of real estate standards, Realtors are also quite skilled at
being able to market your house. If you think that a little blurb in the classified section of the
Calgary Herald is going to be enough to sell your home, then you probably have another thing
coming. Exposing your house to as many prospective buyers as possible is the best way to
ensure that the right buyer will come around at some point in time. The best way to really get
your house on the market is by letting your Realtor work their advertising magic. With the right
price and the right publicity, your house will have more scheduled viewings than you could have

But, it’s not enough to just ensure that your house is getting the right amount of attention. It
certainly helps, but it won’t be the only determining factor in regard to the viability of selling
your home. You still need to present a good product to any potential buyers if you really want
to catch their eye. Of course, one of the first aspects of a house that anyone notices is the front
yard. It’s often indicative of the quality of the house indoors, and most buyers will recognize that
immediately. A sloppy, overgrown front yard is naturally going to raise some red flags with any
potential buyers. A properly landscaped and manicured front yard will certainly be a breath of fresh air and a good omen of things to come.

It’s also important to ensure that your house is as clean as possible during showings. This
effectively means taking away any junk or clutter from plain sight and trying to eliminate any
unseemly odors. If you are a smoker or you have pets, it can be difficult to eradicate all smells,
but it’s vital to at least get the house smelling fresh if you really want to attract buyers. Making
sure that everything shines with a bright burnish will also help you in the long run. Dust on
window sills and cobwebs in corners are natural parts of life, but buyers don’t want to see that
when they enter into their prospective new home. This is especially true for individuals with
allergies who will pick up on the dust particles in a flash.

Your house should also be accessible during showings. While this might seem like an obvious
step, it’s one that really shouldn’t be overlooked. Most sellers need to provide access to their
house usually via an electronic key box. This keeps your house safe from criminals and also
allows real estate agents to get into your house with ease. In general, it’s also important to be
noticeably absent at the time of the showing. You want your prospective buyers to feel relaxed
and not rushed, and the only way to do that is by not being there. You might also consider taking
your pets to the kennel or to a friend’s house, particularly if they are intrusive in any way. If
there’s no one way to not be there during a showing, it’s probably best to be neither seen nor
heard to the best of your ability. It’s almost never a good idea to offer any help of your own as
the real estate agent is perfectly capable of handling any questions the buyer might have.

While the buyer is walking through your clean and virtually empty house, they might notice a
few more eye sores that can lead them to pass on purchasing your place. For instance, cracks
or chips in the paint and stains in the carpet are going to be odious and obvious. They will
also require fixing that any prospective buyer will likely not want to do. There also might be
some major problems with the inner workings of the house. For instance, outdated electrical or
plumbing work will naturally bring up additional costs. If you have the money to get these things
fixed beforehand, it’s certainly important to do so. Ensuring that your house is fully operational
and as aesthetically pleasing as possible is going to go a long way in determining how interested
potential buyers are.

There are a lot of different things that you have to do in order to get ready to sell your home, but
the most important thing is to work with your local Calgary Realtor. They will be able to guide
you along the way with a wealth of expertise in their field and extensive knowledge of the local
area. They will also be able to market your home like no one else. Of course, the cosmetic issues
of the house rest solely on your shoulders, but making your home as beautiful as possible is the
best way to get it sold in as short an amount of time as possible.

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