For Buyers Do you know the true value of a REALTOR®? Home buying can be a daunting and complex process. But with a REALTOR® at your side, it doesn’t have to be.

Remember, a REALTOR® works for you and is there to look after your best interests. So take a few minutes and learn how a REALTOR® can help you find what you’re looking for. Looking to buy a home? A REALTOR® can help when purchasing a home

1. Make sure you’re ready to buy If you’re thinking of buying a home, you’ve come to the right place. This web site can turn you into a house-hunting master. But before we jump right in, you have to make sure three things are ready: you (make sure you want to be a home owner), your bank account (what is your current financial position, do you have a down payment, do you have any debt?), and the current state of the real estate market (is it a buyers or seller’s market?).

2. Decide what you want to buy Nowadays, there are many different types of homes to choose from (eg house, condo, townhouse duplex etc…etc.). And there are pros and cons to each. Take a minute to reflect on your lifestyle and based on that, decide what best fits you.

3. Sell your current home Not too many people can hold onto two homes at the same time, so you’ll probably need to sell the one you have now. Contact Royal LePage Foothills Calgary Property Professionals REALTOR® for some personalized advice on this subject.

4. Figure out how much you can afford Before you start looking for your dream home, let’s find out how big you can dream. Knowing your true budget is the first and most important step in buying a home.

5. Arrange a mortgage Money makes the world go round, and a mortgage gives you the power to buy a home. With the right people looking out for your best interests this step may be easier than many believe. If you haven’t arranged for a mortgage yet please contact Royal LePage Foothills Calgary Property Professionals REALTOR® for some personalized advice on this subject.

6. Find a REALTOR® who is right for you REALTORS® aren’t just people who help find you a home. They’re an invaluable resource for knowledge, contacts and advice that help turn buying a piece of property into a home. Contact Royal LePage Foothills Calgary Property Professionals REALTOR® to see how we can make your home buying experience an extremely positive one.

7. See what’s out there Now’s the time to pound the pavement and see what homes are on the market! This step can be either incredibly fun or incredibly exhausting. But with an expert REALTOR® at your side, you’ll be able to sift through to your dream home much more effectively, and find the home of your dreams that also falls within your budget.

8. Make an offer- You’ve found a home? Congratulations! Now, if you actually want to make it yours, you have to make a successful offer, one that the seller will accept. This is where using REALTOR® can be a huge advantage!

9. Find a home inspector When you’re buying a home, you’ll want to scrutinize every last detail. Home inspections rarely cost more than a few hundred dollars and can save you from unpleasant surprises. Your REALTOR® can help recommend several home inspection companies to choose from.

10. Add a lawyer to your team Buying a home involves piles of legal documents. You need someone to translate the ‘legalese’ and ensure your best interests are protected.

11. Close the purchase Your offer has been accepted and you can’t wait to move in. But don’t break out the bubbly just yet. You have to close the deal. Your REALTOR® and lawyer will do most of the closing work. A REALTOR® can make this part of the transaction a much smoother process and explain all the details to you. Now aren’t you glad you have a REALTOR® on your side!

12. Move In Moving day will come sooner than you think, so get planning now. A Royal LePage Foothills Calgary Property Professionals REALTOR® can provide some suggestions on how to make your move as smooth as possible.

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